Those who are looking for a ride for fun or for exercise will definitely find the GMC Denali Road Bike to be very useful. This particular version provides various colors and sizes apart from quality materials which have attracted men and women across the globe. In fact, this amazing bike is perfect for a rider who isn’t searching for a professional bike but want something better and more durable as compared to an ordinary street bike.

What makes the Denali stand out?

This particular bike has a weight of only 29 pounds which is approximately 10 pounds lesser than that of the typical mountain bike. It is only around 10 pounds heavier than the top-quality road bikes which sell for thousands of dollars. In case you are a beginner and would like to understand whether street biking is really meant for you, you should not make the mistake of investing so much money to save 10 pounds of weight.

Above all, the Denali is well constructed and also appears quite sharp which makes it appear like any other much more expensive bike. Besides this, they also feature a reasonable setup. This particular bike features a Shimano Revo shifter as well as a Shimano derailleur having a fabulous 20 speed set up which is enough to get the job done for you. This Shimano brand is quite reputable on the market although it is not exactly the best brand out there. But it is not advisable to expect a top-quality brand name on an inexpensive bike like the Denali.

The GMC Denali Road Bike ships along with a 36 spoke wheel set having standard size road bike tires. This particular setup contributes significantly to the bike’s light yet stiff ride. In fact, if you are obese and are trying to lose your extra weight, you definitely will have a peace of mind because of the higher count of spokes which will be able to support you while riding. Bear in mind that the optimum weight capacity of the bike is as much as 220 pounds. However, some individuals have complained regarding uncomfortable riding due to the firm as well as thin seat. Nevertheless, it is advisable to go for a bigger and softer seat in case you really feel uneasy.

What are the Pros?

The positive feature on this bike is the 21 speeds. One more reason why you should purchase the bike is the presence of the Shimano parts. You can be assured that these components are going to last for a long time.

Another feature which makes this bike awesome is its light weight which will enable you to ride faster and safer.

What are the Cons?

Some of the components that require improvement are the tires and the pedals. In fact, the tires should have been constructed better for ensuring an improved performance.

What is the Overall Impression?

Reliability plus durability are the two aspects which make the GMC Denali Road Bike so irresistible. It is ideal for different purposes such as traveling, going to school, or even enjoy some great road biking. Although the performance level is so high, the price of the bike is quite affordable. It can be rightly asserted that the GMC Denali is definitely a great purchase for a long distance and decent road bike.