“What kind of bike should I purchase… a road bicycle or a triathlon .”

An excellent question and one that warrants some attention.

To start with, let’s have a look at the variations between a road bicycle and a bike.

The important difference between the conventional road bike and the bike is based on the geometry of the bicycle body. The seat tube is the extended tube going towards the seat up in the bottom mount. And drawn at the mount represents your seat tube angle

For a triathlon bicycle, the seat tube angle is usually 76-78 levels. A great little steeper compared to 72-degree angle seen on most road bikes that are conventional. The angle puts the rider farther forward on the bicycle creating a more aerodynamic body posture.

The road race” that is “ is usually a lengthier Level A to Point B bicycle race needing scheme and endurance. Rate typically takes a backseat until the latter portion of the race. A three week bicycle race nearly solely composed of daily road races” covering more than 100 miles per trip.